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We are called by Christ to welcome and witness in central and southern Indiana.

Our Diocese

Grounded in God’s love in Christ, the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis and its people:

  • Serve as beacons of Christ in central and southern Indiana and beyond

  • Offer a generous invitation and welcome

  • Stand with the vulnerable and marginalized to transform systems of injustice

  • Connect with other Episcopalians, ecumenical and interfaith partners, and advocacy groups

  • Develop clergy and laity to lead the church of today and tomorrow.

When it comes to supporting and developing clergy, the diocese is blessed with copious resources, including generous contributions from the Eli Lilly Foundation. Our priests have 78 percent of their health care paid by the diocese, and through the Ministerial Excellence Fund, the diocese also offers assistance in repaying seminary loans.

Our Bishop

Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows is the 11th Bishop of Indianapolis, elected in 2016 after serving in the Dioceses of Newark (N.J.), Central New York, and Chicago. Her expertise includes historic preservation of religious buildings, stewardship and development, race and class reconciliation, and spiritual direction. “In 19 years of ordained ministry … I’ve supported communities of transformation, communicated a vision of hope, and gathered and networked God’s people across distance and difference,” Baskerville-Burrows told the Episcopal News Service at the time of her election.

She is the first Black woman to be elected a diocesan bishop in the Episcopal Church, and the first woman to succeed another woman as bishop.

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